Design Science WebEQ™ Developers Suite is a comprehensive toolkit for building web pages that include interactive math. The world leading e-learning companies, content developers and education portals are using WebEQ to create web-based learning environments that help educators engage students in math and science on the web. Because WebEQ is based on Java and MathML technology, solutions you develop will be platform- and browser-independent.

Author Math for the Web

Point-and-click equation editing with WebEQ Editor

Convert existing content to web-ready formats with WebEQ Publisher

Generate both Presentation and Content MathML with the most sophisticated tools available


Develop Interactive Math for the Web

Scriptable web browser controls to view, edit, graph and evaluate math in web pages

Use high-level templates from the WebEQ Solutions Library to create complex interactions

Build Math-enabled Web Applications

Integrate client-side controls with server-based MathML processing using the WebEQ Equation Server to create web applications, such as:

Message Boards
Online testing applications