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Tecplot Chorus 2012 released 2

Features - New features in Tecplot Chorus 2012 Release 2

Manage Image Views Quickly
■ Display multiple image tags at once in Matrix and Image view.
■ Display image tags (instead of variables) as rows or columns in Matrix view.
■ Create tag groups that can be used in a view.
■ Add several cases or remove selected cases in a single view.
■ Zoom in on Image differences.

Extract Variables
■ Extract variables calculated by your solver from auxiliary data in your solution files.
■ Calculate variables using Tecplot 360's analysis features.
■ Import this additional metadata to a project.

Access to Tecplot Chorus Resources from the Dashboard
■ Large, easily readable toolbar buttons.
■ Recent session and project links are saved and readily available.
■ Links to Tecplot Chorus tutorials and documentation.

Data Importing Flexibility
■ Import CSV files with delimiters other than commas with the Delimited Text Importer.
■ Choose which variables to load when creating a project, appending data or extracting variables from a data file.

Fast Physics Exploration and Visualization
■ Configure Tecplot Chorus to allow use of data loaders with different data assets: 3D field data, surface data, convergence history, integrated quantity tables and subset data.

Surrogate Model Analytics
■ Calculate and display the coefficient of determination, R-squared, in the Properties sidebar for surrogate models using quadratic response surfaces.
■ Export and save quadratic response surface equations as a text file for use in another tool (like MATLAB or Math CAD).

Tecplot 2012 버전은 최신 솔루션 환경에서 전산유체(CFD) 가시화, 공학 분야 플로팅(plotting), 데이터 가시화 및 해석이 가능하도록 한층 업그레이드된 기능과 강력한 툴들을 제공합니다. 이에 사용자는 더 빠르고, 더 편리한 환경에서 연구 및 분석 작업 할 수 있으며, 더욱 향상된 결과물을 도출할 수 있습니다. - Rich Stillman, CEO -

Tecplot 360 2012 with new ANSYS CFX data loader and improved speed

Slices constrained to the region around the wing reveal flow features without obscuring the rest of the flow domain.

Thousands of automatically generated surface streamlines reveal flow patterns that indicate a separation region.

§ Ansys CFX file loader. Users can now load files generated by the CFX CFD code directly into Tecplot 360.

§ Faster loading of Fluent files. Tecplot 360 now automatically generates index files for each Fluent case and data file. The index file significantly speeds up the data loading process to rapidly provide the user with an initial plot.

Tecplot 360&Focus 2012 with these new features

§ Automated streamtrace seeding on surfaces. Users can select surfaces, such as bodies, slices, and iso-surfaces, and then automatically seed a specified number of streamtraces to start on that surface. This can be very helpful in identifying flow patterns on a body or in the 3D flow field.

§ Constrained slices. Users can now constrain the extent of slices by restricting their range to a user defined box. This focuses the region under investigation and prevents surrounding details from being obscured. Multiple sets of slices can be specified with independently-positioned constraint boxes.

§ Performance improvements. Numerous operations have been optimized to run faster in this version.