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Tecplot Chorus Video

Viewing images


Quick Tutorial: Image Viewing

This video shows you how to manage project image views to understand trends and identify anomalies.

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(run time: 4:00)

Extracting Variables


Quick Tutorial: Extracting Variables

This video shows you how to complete your analysis by pulling in auxillary data from solution files.

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(run time: 3:59)




Quick Tutorial: Reporting

This video shows you how to export images and plot pages to communicate your results.

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(run time: 3:59)





Quick Tutorial: User Dashboard

This video shows you how to get up and running quickly with saved sessions, links to docs and training.

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(run time: 2:06)


Comparative Analysis

Quick Tutorial: Meta Data and Anomolies

This video demonstrates how to handle meta data and anomalies most effectively.

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(run time: 4:51)

Creating a Project

Quick Tutorial: Creating a Project from RAW CFD Runs

This video demonstrates how to go from a series of files in different directories to a project in just minutes.

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(run time: 4:51)


Simulation Example: Modeling System Behavior via Surrogate Models

In this video, watch how efficiently Dr. Durrell Rittenberg begins to evaluate 115 CFD solutions using Tecplot Chorus.

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(run time: 3:52)

UAV Preliminary Design Test


Simulation Example: UAV Preliminary Design Test

In this UAV case study, Dr. Durrell Rittenberg uses Tecplot Chorus to evaluate results from 41 CFD cases.

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(run time: 11:07)

Exploratory CFD with Electric Car Model



Simulation Example: Exploratory CFD with an Electric Car Model

In this video, Dr. Durrell Rittenberg uses Tecplot Chorus to evaluate a system and to understand the net impact of changing the physics model on the accuracy of the solution for an electric car.

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(run time: 15:00)

SO2 Plume Migration Study




Simulation Example: Plume Migration Study
In this video, Dr. Durrell Rittenberg uses Tecplot Chorus to sidestep all the scripting required to look at 16 CFD solutions individually in this SO2 plume migration study.

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(run time: 9:45)

Tecplot Tutorials

New! 2012 Tecplot 360 R1: Quick videos demo latest enhancements

■New ways to handle streamtraces (1:50) (Tecplot 2012)

■Automatically seed streamtraces on surfaces (2:31) (Tecplot 2012)

■Constrain Slices to focus on a defined range (2:49) (Tecplot 2012)

These quick video tutorials offer information on how to take advantage of the features in Tecplot 360.

■Integration of a Slice Domain (2:29) (Tecplot 2011)
Find out how to look at flow domain by generating slices.

■Unsteady Analysis (2:55) (Tecplot 2011)
Find out how you can take advantage of the quantitative capabilities new to Tecplot 360 2011

■Animations (3:20) (Tecplot 2011)
Learn how to create faster animations in more formats than ever before.

■Data Loaders: CGNS, PLOT3D, and FLUENT(1:59) (Tecplot 2011)
Load multiple CGNS or PLOT3D files to hold data for unsteady results, enjoy faster loading time with FLUENT files.

■PLOT3D enhancements (3:02) (Tecplot 2011)
Increased support for non-uniform grids, multiple solutions for multiple grids, and more.

Getting Started

External Flow Tutorial
This tutorial demonstrates how to display pressure on an airplane wing and how to compare measured and simulated data on a two-dimensional projection plane. Several Tecplot 360 features are implemented to create this plot, including: the PLOT3D loader, the Calculate Variables option, contour legends, a 2D projection plane, and a line legend.

The video is divided into the following major steps:
- Loading Plot3D Data
- Displaying a Contour Map
- Extracting a Slice Plane and Plotting a Variable
- Comparing Simulated and Measured Data
- Customizing XY Line Plots
- Exporting the Final Plot

Launch the Tutorial ≫

Fluid Structure Interaction Tutorial
This tutorial illustrates how to use Tecplot 360 to visualize a Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) problem. An animation that shows the movement of a nonlinear baffle as it is affected by fluid pressure is produced. Several Tecplot 360 features are implemented to create this plot, including: contours, color maps, streamtraces, and animation.

The video is divided into the following major steps:
- Loading Abaqus and Fluent Data
- Working with Contour Groups
- Using Streamtraces
- Animating and Exporting Your Plot

Launch the Tutorial ≫

Gas Burner Tutorial
This tutorial walks you through the basic steps of working with multiple frames, adjusting the contour level values, and using stylesheets.

The video is divided into the following major steps:
- Loading a Tecplot *.plt File
- Triangulating the Data
- Customizing the Contour Layer
- Copying the Plot to a Clipboard or File

Launch the Tutorial ≫

Tecplot Feature Tutorials

By popular request, the Tecplot Technical Support Group has produced these brief tutorials to help you come up to speed more quickly on the most frequently used features in Tecplot 360.

Understanding the Interface
This overview of the interface and terminology will help you get started with your Tecplot software more quickly.
Launch the Tutorial (4:31) ≫

XY Line Plot
Learn how to create an XY Line Plot using one of the example files included with your Tecplot 360 software.
Launch the Tutorial (3:45) ≫

Contour Plot
Contours allow you to see the value of a variable that is not assigned to the axis. This demonstration shows you how to create a contour plot with 2D data.
Launch the Tutorial (2:58) ≫

Vector Plot
A vector plot is used to show direction and magnitude of properties such as fluid flow. Find out how to create one.
Launch the Tutorial (2:23) ≫

3D Contour Plot
This tutorial shows how to create a 3D contour plot, and how to change contour groups and color maps for some zones.
Launch the Tutorial (4:00) ≫

Iso-Surface Plot
In 3D volume plot, points in one area which have the same contour value form a surface called an iso-surface. The tutorial shows how to create an iso-surface plot.
Launch the Tutorial (3:09) ≫

Slice Plot
With a 3D plot, slices can show you information on values inside the volume. This tutorial demonstrates how to add slices to your plot.
Launch the Tutorial (4:30) ≫

Streamtrace Plot
Learn how to add streamtraces to a plot that will show movement on a surface or through a volume.
Launch the Tutorial (3:14) ≫

This tutorial shows how to animate by time or with key frames.
Launch the Tutorial (3:52) ≫

Importing Excel and Text Files
Learn how to load Excel files into your Tecplot software using an Excel add-in included with the software.
Launch the Tutorial (4:47) ≫

Saving and Exporting
This tutorial describes how to save the plots you create in Tecplot, and how to export images to use with other software.
Launch the Tutorial (3:42) ≫